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Company profile

The JOCHMAN company is not new to the market. The owner, Ing. Miloš Jochman, has been engaged in machinery manufacturing since 1993. JOCHMAN s.r.o., a limited liability company was first established in 1993, later merged with a German company NETZSCH GmbH into a joint venture JOCHMAN-NETZSCH filtračná technika, s. r. o., which became ANDRITZ-JOCHMAN, s.r.o. in 2004 after NETZSCH GmbH sold its Filtrations Technik division including JOCHMAN-NETZSCH filtračná technika, s. r. o., to Austrian company ANDRITZ Separation GmbH. JOCHMAN, s. r. o. was then reestablished in  2012 after the shareholder and executive manager, Ing. Miloš Jochman, sold his shares in the company ANDRITZ-JOCHMAN s.r.o. and decided to end his activities in the ANDRITZ company.
The company seat is located on the premises of the AGA industrial complex – industrial park, where, within the area of 13,500 m2, we have at our disposal production premises of 2,500 m2, paved storage areas and communications, machinery, especially CNC machine tools and CNC molding machines, powerful welding machines, handling tools, and experienced employees.
We offer production of various machinery products up to 18 tons by welding, massive forming and cutting processing on our production premises. We provide surface finishing by abrasive blasting for steel components and by shot peening for stainless steel components.
We sell pumps made by a well-known German company,NETZSCH Pumps & Systems. We are their authorized distributor for the Slovak Republic. Supplies of original spare parts and maintenance works for the NETZSCH pumps are provided on our premises as well as on those of our clients.
Development of activities
• 1993 obtaining a trade licence – MilošJochman, machinery manufacturing
• 1996 transformation to JOCHMAN, s.r.o. Machinery Manufacturing
• 1998 joint venture with NETZSCH GmbH, change of the name to JOCHMAN-NETZSCH filtračná technika, s.r.o., Miloš Jochman being executive manager and co-venturer(see the web page of the company NETZSCH)
• 2004 the co-venturer of NETZSCH sells their shares to ANDRITZ Separation GmbH, change of the name to ANDRITZ-JOCHMAN s.r.o., Miloš Jochman being executive manager and co-venturer(see the web page of the company ANDRITZ)
• 2009 ANDRITZ-JOCHMAN s.r.o., MilošJochman sells his share and remains the executive manager of the company
• 2012 ANDRITZ s.r.o. MilošJochman ends his activities as executive manager of the company
• 2012 JOCHMAN s.r.o. Miloš Jochman establishes a new company

The JOCHMAN company is a family-owned business, priding themselves on honesty, responsibility, trust,client satisfaction,and adherence to the principles of ethics in business. We want our customers to benefit from our rich, 20-year-long experience in solving tasks, and use our production KNOW-HOW to build long-term relations with our clients based on partnership and mutual benefit.